Ride of my life

Well, the last few days really have been the ride of my life. I think excluding the 4 London marathons I did, its the most tired I have ever been… it a tired that comes from hard work, so you don’t mind. The biggest worry I had exhibiting at RHS Hampton Court was that the plants would look out of place surrounded by pro growers who had Chelsea Golds to their name.

They didn’t. Silver Gilt will do me. The plants got top marks.. The suggestion from judges to increase the font on information may well be right, but to hear the plants did their job is all I needed to hear. Had chance to have conversations with the President and new DG of the RHS and push the issue of sustainability (well you can when you are a life RHS member and you arent going away). Lovely to catch up with Frosty who has been supportive and others who deserve a mention in despatched include Rob Hardy and of course Gill Groombridge of Plant Heritage.

I was asked if I would do it again. I did say that as with the marathon, it’s probably not best to ask on he finish line….. but it wasnt a no for sure!

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