Gardens – always changing

Having a large plot can be great and a real pain. The pain is that there is always some sort of maintenance that needs doing, and the jobs are never done. The positives is that you always seem to have space to change a few things.

The wooden raised beds that went in finally gave up this year, so the wood has been removed, and this area (which suddenly seems far larger than it did) is starting to be prepared for some new metal raised beds. Hopefully this will be done ready for planting out next year.

Not content with sorting this area out, the rather weedy patch that was plan c for the hollyhock collection – where a few spares were left to fend for themselves is going to be turned into a bit of a cut flower plot. The Strulch (for mulching) is due to arrive this week, so once the ground is a bit softer after some serious rain (later on in the year more progress will hopefully be made.

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