Autumn the time for less glamorous jobs

I know if you relied on TV gardening shows, and by that I mean the fact that they end in October you could be left thinking there was nothing to do in the Autumn and Winter. Far from it, it ends up being a time when I am equally busy, but left with nothing amazing to look at having completed various jobs.

For me the next couple of weeks will involve chopping down the willow I planted to turn into woodchip mulch, followed by re-organising my water storage. Storing 20,000 litres of rainwater over winter means I can avoid using tap water on the plot.

Talking total hollyhocks

In the last 24 hours Ive had chats with both Garden News and Country Life magazine. According to Mrs S this isn’t the first time in life I’ve talked total hollyhocks…. or at least it sounded like that’s what she said.

Needed a photo of me – and yet when I looked back the phone was just full of flower pics, as they are the real star. This will have to do 👇🏻


Finally got round to adding strulch to the remainder of the hollyhock beds. Having removed the dead hollyhock leaves I’m thinking that the strulch may help to combat rust in that any infected material Ive missed wont be able to get airborne.

Will be interesting to see what impact if any this has. Either way, its certainly tidied the beds up and definitely combats weed growth.