IOS 16 really looks useful for taking pics of plants and flowers

I have never been into photography, but love how technology can help with gardening in terms f logging images and identifying things. The new ios 16 if you use apple products for me is amazing… it now lets you you essentially remove any background image (I suspect not aimed at gardeners but more for those who want to show some perfect life on instagram) which really focuses on the plant.

For me this is an amazing feature to helps show what cultivars look like when growing. Not that long ago this would have taken ages and need professional software. (Cosmos Apricot lemonade and Hollyhock Creme de Cassis for anyone interested).

Dahlias too

Its not just cosmos and hollyhocks we grow. As the frosts still haven’t arrived there are plenty of dahlias still around to pick and bring int the house. They didn’t do so well during the hot dry period, but seem to be flowering more than ever now.