Talking total hollyhocks

In the last 24 hours Ive had chats with both Garden News and Country Life magazine. According to Mrs S this isn’t the first time in life I’ve talked total hollyhocks…. or at least it sounded like that’s what she said.

Needed a photo of me – and yet when I looked back the phone was just full of flower pics, as they are the real star. This will have to do 👇🏻


Finally got round to adding strulch to the remainder of the hollyhock beds. Having removed the dead hollyhock leaves I’m thinking that the strulch may help to combat rust in that any infected material Ive missed wont be able to get airborne.

Will be interesting to see what impact if any this has. Either way, its certainly tidied the beds up and definitely combats weed growth.

Sowing time!

I’m a little late than previous years, and tasks often have to be quite weather dependent. Work that can be done outside is, until the weather makes that impossible and then you can focus on work that can be done undercover.

With that in mind, while the hollyhocks still have a few flowers on them, I’m now ready to get this years seeds sowed so they can overwinter in the polytunnel.

The all important labels and accession numbers are at the ready, so time for some propagation!

Cleaning the tools

They have been inundated with orders, and I think there is now a 12 week wait for tools. But as they say in their emails, the wait is definitely worth it. A couple of new trowels arrived today and they have been added to my growing collection.

A joy to hold and a joy to use. As the day turned pretty wet towards the evening I took the opportunity to clean them up, but it really won’t be long before they are getting used on a daily basis – which is what these beauties are made for.