Sowing time!

I’m a little late than previous years, and tasks often have to be quite weather dependent. Work that can be done outside is, until the weather makes that impossible and then you can focus on work that can be done undercover.

With that in mind, while the hollyhocks still have a few flowers on them, I’m now ready to get this years seeds sowed so they can overwinter in the polytunnel.

The all important labels and accession numbers are at the ready, so time for some propagation!

Cleaning the tools

They have been inundated with orders, and I think there is now a 12 week wait for tools. But as they say in their emails, the wait is definitely worth it. A couple of new trowels arrived today and they have been added to my growing collection.

A joy to hold and a joy to use. As the day turned pretty wet towards the evening I took the opportunity to clean them up, but it really won’t be long before they are getting used on a daily basis – which is what these beauties are made for.

More daffodils please

When we moved in I put loads of Winston Churchill narcissi in, as they have such a great scent that they are my favourite daffodil. Last year I added to them by putting around 100kg of mixed narcissi just to get some different varieties and to extend how long they flowered as some come earlier than others.

As they looked so good I decided to go for another 100kg. I suspect these will keep me busy getting them in the ground. It’s a drill auger all the way for me!

Nearly finished…..

Just three more tonnes of gravel and the raised bed area is finished. It will have 32 corrugated raised beds, 16 galvanised planters and 14 metal bins all with various planting in next year.

Just a small table to find so we can enjoy this area come this winter as its gets what little sun there will be.

The Allium Summer Drummers are already putting on plenty of growth after a great display in their first year in the bins.

Raised bed area coming along

Progress – slow but sure. 6 tonnes of pea gravel on so far this week… another 6 to go. In total around 22 tonnes of material shovelled and barrowed for this addition to the raised bed area. I reckon that combined with the original area I did last year its over 50 tonnes.

Beds to be filled with compost; planters, and a couple of olive trees we’ve had a while to be sack barrowed into position; a table and chairs for Mrs S to be sourced; hollyhock beds to be cut back and strulched…. and then maybe it will all be about ready for next year 🤞🏻🤞🏻