Cosmos coming along as we hit mid May

A cloudy day gives me a day off watering duty. Flowering is coming in thick and fast. Whats interesting (and probably expected) if the traditional and bigger cultivars take a lot longer to come into flower, and the newer, ‘more fussy’ (not a technical term), flower that much earlier. So far we have Kiiro, Xsenia, Dward Purple Picotee, Sweet Kisses, only one Purity, Datdream, Rubenza, Capriola, Apricotta, and Pink Mosaic in flower.

Polytunnel one full of the potted on ones in their 1.5 litres pots, and poltunnel 2 has the terracotta pots that may go to Hampton Court.

So with seven weeks to go, where am I? Well there is still all the display material for the stand to be done. You know… the stuff where the judges will knock you a mark off because of the font size 😂 (still not over it). I’m slightly worried about leaving the plants to be taken round the Chelsea Flower show by the RHS as I am very particular about watering them, so hope its not a red hot day back at home. Not committing to it.. but I do think with careful successional sowing, cosmos could be exhibited at Chelsea. I mean, I’ve not ruled it out… not just yet 😉.

Again, I think I can show you can grow plants that aren’t too shabby in peat fee compost, but I will write a bit more about that.

Final photo will be me on every sunny day from now on… but with two watering cans in hand, doling out that stored rainwater.

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