Sowing seeds too early… Is it gardening FOMO?

Every year I write this advice. Every year I try to follow it… though I know many of you will be keen to do lots of seed sowing. So here it is

It’s now February, which means I can finally say ”I will start sowing my cosmos seeds THIS MONTH”.

But.. and it is a big but, just because a seed packet says you can sow from February doesnt mean you must. In actual fact you may be setting yourself up for more work, and for not much more reward if you do. So.. when some of the packs say you can sow cosmos from Feb, that is true. But firstly remember that growing conditions differ frm where you live in the country. If you are on the Isle of Wight your timings will differ from if you are in Scotland.

Then – and this is what I always think about… for tender annuals like cosmos, what does sowing now mean. Well it means you will have to keep the plants from free possibly until mid May (depending on where you live). So do you have space for plants that will be pretty large in 3 months time to keep them under cover, or would it be easier sowing later?

Then of course people rightly ask others what are they doing. Well that depends on what set up they have. Are you comparing like with like. SO I will start successionally sowing in the last week of Feb (probably) but I have a polytunnel that I can keep them all in to ensure plenty of light and heated propagation beds to try to keep frost free. If I wasnt aiming for Hamptn Court it would make my life even easier to start sowing in March or even April wouldnt be too late.

So…. What am I saying? Well you can sow when you like… if it gives you pleasure well go for it. People will often say, what have you to lose. Not much in terms of money.. but actually time in terms of trying to keep early sowed plants alive; stopping them getting leggy etc etc… And sometimes a later sowing can save you a lot of time, and the flowers will be just as good.

So.. wait… wait…. Not yet…. Not just yet… 😂

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