4 thoughts on “Hollyhocks……”

  1. Hi Jonathan, you inspired me to attempt to grow Hollyhocks again, I’ve not had much luck in the past. But I’ve bought a dustbin, put in copious amounts of composted bark then a whole bag of peat free compost. Can I plant out now and how many plants per dustbin please. Wish me luck, I am very jealous of your spectacular specimens.


  2. As you know, I only grow in bins to protect from the hordes of rabbits – but it seems to work… plus the ones in the ground are getting more established. I put 5 plants per bin which is probably overkill – but again was for the purpose of the national collection as opposed to ideal growing conditions. Hollyhocks are in essence hardy – so the ones outside stay outside. The issue I faced when bringing small plants out was that I did I it on a hot day with wind and all the leaves got scorched – so its stuff like that I’d be as much worried about as colder temps at night.


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