The last two years…

… have been hard for lots of people. Life took quite an unexpected turn due to Covid. In the scheme of things I’ve been very fortunate. But in terms of gardening the last two years have also been pretty dramatic for me too. Pre Covid there I was… gardening away and just having fun with it. Fast forward those two “covid years” and here I am with two national plant collections, attending an RHS conference last week which was for exhibitors to RHS Hampton Court in July.

I think for anyone that’s quite a journey in a short time. I never intended having a national plant collection as I just think people should grow whatever they like. Ignore “fashion”, ignore what other people like. Grow what YOU like and your passion may encourage others that its the thing to grow. If you are passionate about it, then thats what will get you outside on a cold winters day doing things to move things forward.

Why have I do it? Well number one, I enjoy it. If I didn’t then there would be no point. The day it becomes a chore is the day to give it up. But more importantly there is a part of me that wants to show other people they could have go. And that includes starting a national plant collection to sowing some seeds. (I was so surprised at how many people were scared about growing from seed).

Plus if I can show that I can garden on a larger scale than average while trying to be a bit more sustainable than maybe others could change a few habits too.

It’s going to be exciting to see where the next two years takes this. Keep watching this space. On that note.. its time to check the cosmos seedlings that will hopefully look as good as last years 👇🏻

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