Plant labels from 70 year old tiles off the house

You will remember the article about my flowers led to the daughter of the family who had our house built getting in touch, and that we learned her mum loved growing Cosmos here.

Fast forward to me hopefully going to Hampton Court, with half an eye on looking at issue with regards sustainability in gardening, as well as obviously growing some nice cosmos, and my mind turned to what would I use as labels for the plants

When we had a new roof we kept all the tiles. Some were sold, some used for other projects and the remainder used as the base for a few paths, with some left near the one for wildlife to take over.

As I want to use terracotta pots for my cosmos, ideally I’d also like plant labels that at least look similar in appearance, so after some work with a diamond cutting blade, I think they could really be a possibility.

Old rosemary tiles
Cutting into plant labels
Possible labels marked for drilling

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