197 days to go….

OK, I know it seems ages to go but when you haven’t done it before the phrase ‘you don’t know what you don’t know ‘ is pretty accurate. There will just be some things I don’t know I need to plan or even think about.

So where am I? Well the acceptance went it – so I’m kind of assuming I have secured my little area in the Floral Marquee. Then we managed to rectify the link that let me provide my BACS details. I’ve made my introduction to the team who build the staging – as I know I have so so many questions as to what they do and what I’m expected to do.

Other things I’ve been cracking on with is ordering things that I know I will need as some things have quite long lead times. I want to exhibit using Yorkshire pots – they are based around an hour away and their pots really are built to last. In terms of trying to be more sustainable I have always thought the move away from a throw away society is one of the biggest things we can do. So yes, while I know terracotta has a bigger impact in terms of CO2 when you think of its production, I think the fact that the product I will use will be around for years and years to come and not be thrown away is the right choice for me. More on the cost and what they look like closer to the time.

Then I’ve been considering what I want to sell along with my exhibit. I am minded to not sell plants, as I think it may just be a step too far for a first time exhibitor, but we will see. I do want to sell some seeds from the national collection, so know I need to get the text on the seed envelope approved by the RHS. One thing that maybe could be done sooner rather than later, as I can crack with that while things are less hectic.

Then I’ve put an order in for some tote bags with an image of one of my favourite cosmos. Don’t ask how much they have cost 😱.. needless to say I may need to sell more than a few. Limited run of 100 – so you could say they are a collectors item.

I look at the wonderful displays such as this one I photographed this year and still have so many thoughts about what I could or should do next year.

I’m sure there is plenty of time to make my choices… and that’s not even thinking about the work that will need to go into growing some amazing cosmos. I better crack on.

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