More autumn jobs

Whilst gardening shows on TV end in Autumn time I sometimes feel there is as much if not more to do at this time of year. I finally had a bit of time to build three big compost bays using some metal roofing sheets that have been laying around for the last couple of years. There is already a serious amount of collected leaves from the plot here – with many more to come.

Then I have finally got a move on and started to complete the second phase of our raised bed area. It involves me shovelling a lot of limestone before the beds go in situ and then finishing with some pea gravel. This should keep me busy for the next couple of months, as I try to fit in in between other things that need to be done.

And finally, along with trimming all the willow and turning it into woodchip which will turn into compost, I will finish a new heated propagation bed, as last years one I built really helped with the cosmos.

I found it helpful more so just to keep away the dangers of late frosts after sowing. A 72ft cable to go in, which will be topped off with more sand. Underneath is the black polythene so water can be added and under that sheets of insulation.

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