Finding out about my plot

Truly fascinating chat with the lady who first lived at our house (whose dad built it right after the war). For those who missed my post of yesterday – she got in touch following an article on my Cosmos national collection – as was amazed by the coincidence as this was her mums favourite flower.

Today she visited. We always said that we could tell that at some point there had been a gardener here down to some of teh things that had been done (even if it had been overgrown when we got it).

So on top of the plot being 2.5 acres by all accounts we learned that it had been used to host pigs (hence my old pig sheds) 100s of chickens for years, but they also grew spuds, wheat and then even horseradish on 1 acres of it.

The Poplars for which the house is now called were planted by her mum and are at least 70 years old (as were the conifers we had to take out) though they were maintained, We know it was called Little Home originally and now know why. The village apparently had a very big, shall we say, them and us aspect with those of money and those who worked for money. Apparently the wife of the local squire said to her mum…. “Oh you will love your Little Home” and it stuck.

When her mum sold she gave up 2.5 aces for 0.5 acres – and the first thing she did was dig all teh grass up for veg as “you cant eat grass”. I have to say I like her style.

Much more was discussed in terms of gardening, but I sent we sent her on her way with cosmos and hollyhock seeds that who knows – may have done so well due to those chickens she had to clean out for years constantly pooping everywhere on what is definitely fertile Lincolnshire soil.

The nicest compliment was that she thought her mum and dad would love what I was doing. 🌸🌺🌸🌺

UPDATE: Joans brother from Canada emailed and paid me the nicest compliment,

“Thank you for the Email and after talking to Joan about her visit with you and seeing the things you are doing I’m sure our Mum will be looking down with a smile on her face to see something constructive going on with our old house.”

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